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About Me

This insatiable need to capture life and the journey we are on has led me to where I’m at today

I capture photos of beautiful families, gorgeous moms-to-be, and people enjoying life and the company they’re surrounded with from day to day.  I find beauty in preserving a brief moment caught on camera, and love to share this vision with others.

Why I shoot

When I think back on childhood, some of my best times were traveling around with my siblings and other family. We would bundle up into a van and drive for hours, looking at the world outside our window. Once we arrived at our destination, a great adventure would commence. I have boxes and boxes of photos from those adventures because once I had access to a camera, I became obsessed with documenting as much of the emotion and detail of each journey. I am so grateful for those many opportunities to have seen more than what was in my every day life as they were key to how I am approaching life now.

Why I'm Different

I am now a wife to an amazing man and a mother to three incredible children. These roles in life have changed my focus with the camera as now I am obsessed with them (seriously…have you seen my instagram account? It’s all about the babies – with a bit of my hubby and work mixed in…occasionally). This insaitable need to capture life and the journey we are on, combined with a strong wonderlust helped me to form Shannon Aikin Photography years ago. 

Travel Structure

I travel at least once a month to various cities nationally and internationally to do sessions for my incredible clients. This allows me to meet you where you are, get to know you and the environment you are raising your family, growing in love and life and experiencing your journey. My passion is people and the relationships we have with each other.  I live in Indiana, and although I love to travel, I love coming home :)  I’m always available for local shoots.


Lifestyle photography is all about your every day life being captured in a beautiful way. These are some of my favorite types of sessions because it is truly about holding onto moments that make memories. I especially recommend this style for newborns because it zeros in on a very fleeting and unique time in the journey of parenthood (one with minimal sleep, I know). There is no posing to this style so it is very natural and raw. 


I am a firm believer in regular family sessions for many reasons but perhaps the most emotional draw that myself and so many of my clients have to this type of session is that it captures both the physical and the emotional changes that occur within a family structure as people and children grow and flourish.


I don’t know that there is anything more beautiful than an expecting mother, glowing with anticipation of meeting the life within her. I treasure these sessions with women and any others that may be involved because the excitement is so palpable and pure. I like to imagine that child seeing these images years down the road and feeling the love and joy that their mother had for them before she even held them.

Editorial Seniors

Traditional senior sessions are great but I really wanted to focus on more of an editorial style of shoot that looks like it belongs in fashion magazines rather than your high school year book. These sessions are exciting because they push the limits of more traditional photography and create an incredible experience for you as the client and myself as the photographer.

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My Style

As a mother, I understand the importance of telling a story to our children as they grow.  Sharing with our babies the beauty of pregnancy and how they became such an important part of our lives is a piece we will cherish together.

Some of the most emotional photographs I have taken, and the ones that mean the most to my family personally, are images of day-to-day life; the mundane things we get so caught up in, we don’t pause to recognize the beauty of our environment. This is lifestyle photography, at it’s most raw level.

If you’re anything like me, your entire world revolves around family.  Capturing this love, laughter and emotion as it develops and evolves over time is something to share and treasure.

These are the sessions that really tap into more expansion and exploration of traditional photography boundaries. Images from these sessions are dramatic, stunning and very tailored to the unique parts of you.

Consulting Pricing

Mini Session
  • half hour shoot
  • includes 15-20 professionally edited digital files
  • includes 30 day online sharable viewing gallery
  • includes online ordering
Editorial Senior Session
$750starts at
  • Contact us for full details
  • Optional full styling available
  • includes 30 day online sharable viewing gallery
  • includes online ordering

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