13 Ballet Inspired Examples of Editorial Fashion Photography

July 15, 2014

Did you happen to see my group of beautiful ballet dancers modeling for an urban, ballet inspired editorial session recently?  We caught more than our fair share of looks and even showed up on a few random Instagram feeds. We had an amazing time doing this and are really pleased with the high end feel of the images. Editorial sessions are SO much fun and really make your images stand out. I was able to direct wardrobe, makeup and the total feel of this ballet inspired shoot. The dancers were incredible and their talent was what made our shoot so unique.


ballet at sunset

samples of photography in fashion

urban ballet feet

fashion editorial photography

editorial fashion photography

fashion drives editorial photography

editorial images for beautiful clothing

clothing in editorial photos

pics for fashion editorials

a photographers view of editorial fashion

examples of editorial fashion photography

editorial photography examples

fashion photography in editoria


Enjoy these images for now and I can’t wait to see you in your town soon!

Hugs and love!

Shannon Aikin