Centerville Indiana Engagement: Jacob + Kenzi

June 29, 2015

After many rescheduled sessions due to weather, Jacob, Kenzi and I were finally able to meet to do their engagement session. As long as there was no lightening or monsoon like conditions, we were going to meet and get it done! We had umbrella’s ready, locations scouted that would provide some shelter, and clothes we were willing to wring out after if necessary. Then, Indiana’s fun weather patterns took over and the skies cleared. It was beautiful! As with all my clients, we had a lot of discussion before hand on wardrobe/locations and came up with the perfect combination of elements to really capture the love and laughter that make up Jacob and Kenzi. The session took place at my home, a historic place called the Lantz House with incredible gardens that I had nothing to do with creating, a field, and the incredible Cope Environmental Center.  Kenzi’s dress is from TJMaxx and those incredible books can be found close by at the Boot Box.

shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-1We started off at my house, which I am admittedly a little partial to because of the incredible architecture and rich history.shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-2We joke around a lot in my sessions but this one of Jacob and Kenzi laughing is one of my favorites because of how naturally their joy showed itself in that moment.shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-3I tend to over love my plants (basically water them far more than they need) so in my house we remark regularly how fortunate we are to have a beautiful garden space that we didn’t have to do anything to. It’s tiered, lush and filled with beautiful stone and textures. How could I not utilize that for some of my sessions???shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-4They are just perfect together. It made my heart smile to see these little moments and glances of devotion and happiness.shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-5And can we take a moment to chat about how GORGEOUS Kenzi is??shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-6We did legitimately take a moment to talk about Jacob’s backside during our session too. Good job Jacob. You and your backside did well! ;-) shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-7Again with how STUNNING Kenzi is?? She is going to be such a beautiful bride! <3shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-8I try to go places that other photographers in the area haven’t discovered or aren’t utilizing. This field is in a secret location, but man did it deliver for us!shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-9

shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-10This is another personal favorite of mine!shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-11We are so fortunate to have the amazing Cope Environmental Center down the road from us!  I have done many shoots there and it always gives me exactly what I am looking for!shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-13

shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-14I loved Kenzi’s dress from a cute local boutique called Unique Clothing!shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-15

shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-16

shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-17We ended the session back at my house, with a shot overhead from our balcony on the 200+ year old cobblestone.shannon-aikin-photography-engagement-kenzi and jacob-18Jacob and Kenzi, I cannot wait to photograph your wedding next month! Thank you for encouraging me to be a part of your big day and for giving me the honor of capturing it. You guys are so fun and it’s going to be a beautiful, emotional, and fun celebration of your love!

Locations: Cope Environmental Center

White Lace Dress: tjmaxx

Maxi Dress: Unique Clothing

Boots: the Boot Box

Photographer: Shannon Aikin Photography 


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