Styled Outdoor Maternity Photography – Jackie

July 30, 2014

I did the most incredible styled outdoor maternity photo session this summer for Jackie on a perfect night at a perfect location. Seriously, this whole session had me gushing about how beautiful Jackie was and how excited I was about what we were getting for her and her husband. This is their first pregnancy and I really wanted to capture this time in their lives. Much like the appeal of lifestyle photography for me, maternity photography really pulls at my emotions. As a mother of 3, I know the anticipation of meeting the newest member of the family, the excitement and worry that comes with the unknown and most of all, the deep love and bond you have before you even meet your precious new baby. Jackie and Ben knew that they were having a boy and were to name him Grady. While editing, I totally imagined Grady seeing these pictures and seeing how beautiful his mother was while carrying him. I get emotionally involved with all of my sessions and that is reason 582 why I love what I do!

I hope you enjoy Jackie’s styled outdoor maternity photography session as much as we enjoyed doing it!

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Hugs and love!